The Side Project – Update

portrait2When I started writing these little vignettes, I had a specific vision of where I wanted them to go. A few (posted here) were completed, the others half formed ideas and plots but as the game evolved, so did the story.

I’ve decided to give the former plot over to Rica. I think it’s done to be honest, I don’t see her moving into the future. She’s beautiful, fascinating, terrible and damaged but not where I want to focus my writing time. I have decided to evolve my former side project into something more.

As I wrote these stories I struggled to recall specific incidents or conversations and found myself increasingly looking to YouTube to see other people’s videos. I decided to take the big leap. I renamed the character “Mahret” and rolled her fresh, then recorded every cut-scene (except companions, but don’t worry she didn’t romance any of them).

The entire story from her arrival on Korriban through KoTFE (including her romance with Lana Beniko) is found on YouTube. Link after the break.

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