Holocron 02 // Rica Shadowfall

rica2Holocron 02 = Private = Security Encryption = Eyes Only

I watch him as he sleeps; for months he’s slept fitfully, chased by nightmares he wouldn’t discuss. Not tonight, tonight he sleeps peacefully. I doubt it was just the sex that lulled him into this calm. It’s surprising actually that he sleeps so well in my bed when less than 8 hours ago I nearly choked the life from him…
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Holocron 01 // Rica Shadowfall

ricaHolocron 01 = Private = Security Encryption = Eyes Only
I asked them to keep a record, these ‘sisters’ of mine. Conspirators more like. Our undertaking may shape history if we prove successful, and if so, then history should know us through our own words rather than some propaganda or dramatic interpretation. We are real, citizens and servants of The Empire, loyal to our cause, and lest history forget; real, flawed, and shaped by our experiences.

I don’t recall much of my childhood, I’d prefer not to. It was brutal, it taught me much. No surrender, no mercy. The scar that crisscrosses my face is reminder enough of what I endured. I’m told parents find force sensitive children difficult to control, to direct, to force into obedience. That was certainly true of me.
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