AOE Grinding and me

zolaI admit it, I like to kill things. Pixelated things of course. Downtime in games makes me twitchy, I’m not sure why I’m not at all ADD in my real life, but plunk me into a computer game and I can’t stop killing things. So within most games I play a secondary game, one that amuses only me… AOE grinding.

In WoW it was with my frost mage, in Rift it’s my rogue. I rolled my rogue, Zola with the specific intent to kill multiple mobs at once as quickly as humanly possible. I’ve made attempts to do it through most of her levels, but now that she’s 50 and I’ve got some really nice gear it’s a bit easier.

I decided I like the spec I had her at rather than the one I watched initially. I plan on trying the other though.

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Gamer Girls FTW

Last week I remarked about a female gamer “she’s the kind of girl who in real life calls her ex-boyfriend when her dishwasher breaks, even though they’ve been broken up 7 months and he’s got a new girlfriend.” Now there’s a whole other rant about the guy who probably would try to fix it, but lets talk a minute about gamer girls.

Way back in the day, gamer girls were a bit of an anomaly. When I worked in tech support only 1:8 were women, I’d guess gamers were about the same ratio. In all the years I’ve gamed online (since the mid-90’s) I’ve noticed a few female gamer archetypes:

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5 Things Asheron’s Call Did Right

ppgsaSometimes you get lucky your first time out. AC was my first game and the game I seem to return to once the novelty of the new shiny thing has worn off. Sure the graphics suck (as my nephew so delicately put it), it’s a game that came out in 1999, it shows it’s age. However, the mechanics, the endless variation, the monthly content and storyline progression… genius!  Here are 5 things game design companies could learn from Turbine’s old girl:

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