Mother & Child Reunion // Zavah Shadowfall

Zavah in Meditation

Zavah in Meditation

“I gave you the name of my father’s mother” Mahret said without looking up from her desk, she set the datapad down as Zavah walked into the office “she was the strongest woman I’ve ever known.” Without making eye contact Mahret picked up another datapad and continued “I assumed you would want to know that. I told you her story once, on Korriban, when you were a child…well, younger anyway” she corrected herself. Zavah bristled at the perceived insult, and glared at her mother who had finally looked up and met her gaze. She swore she could feel Mahret’s mind pressing hers, probing, testing her mental strength, her dark power boring holes into Zavah’s skull.
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Child of the Stolen Sons // Stavah Shadowfall

headshotStavah Shadowfall: Holocron 010

Begin record:

The Jedi healers here on Tython feel it would be beneficial for me to record this holocron; I have reluctantly agreed. I am trying to push through my feelings as they don’t serve me or the Republic, but I find it incredibly difficult given the situation. *chuckle* I can hear Master Adar’s voice, reminding me to take perspective on the situation, to view it dispassionately from a distance, to accept it’s existence but to be mindful that I have control over how I react.

*deep breath*

Let me start at the beginning.

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Alpha Monster // Mahret Shadowfall


Standing around waiting was always the hardest part. She was much more comfortable in motion, this idleness frustrated her beyond words. Shifting uncomfortably in her new armor, Mahret chided herself for wearing it before breaking it in properly. It will see combat soon enough she mused as she surveyed the Sith on the dais before her. One she recognized as the man who brought her group of supplicants from obscurity at the academy to join The Sith Order. A few of the others, milling about the thrones looked familiar but none she had met. One seemed asleep, another seemed involved in torturing a slave, the others were involved in conversation or looking vaguely bored. It surprised her a little to see several Chiss members of the Dark Council, nice that they allowed other races; disappointing that the races seemed to be limited to the Chiss and Sith Purebloods. She could hear her lover, G’s voice in her mind, complaining about the subservient status of the Rattataki people and the Empire’s slow movement toward inclusion; it was one of their frequent arguments. Mahret’s participation in this tournament would likely start another. She wasn’t impulsive but she knew to trust the Force when it guided her and here was where she was meant to be. Mahret pushed down these distracting thoughts and focused her preparation.

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Holocron 03 // Rica Shadowfall

rica3Holocron 03 = Private = Security Encryption = Eyes Only
It starts like all the others, I’m being chased. The other dreams, my usual nightmares, are labyrinthian but varied, winding from location to location, ship to building, every time the locale is different, only the chase is the same. This dream is always the same, the scar of memory back to torment me as it has for years.

Always the same, I am once again there, the dank, small cargo hold turned bedroom on that cursed ancient freighter. He’s dragged me here, bruised and bloody. My angry tears a traitor to my stoic glaring hatred. I won’t cry. I won’t beg. He used to hold a knife to my throat, as if he needed to. He’s not a big man, but even an average sized adult is giant to a nine year old. When his hands begin to grope me I go slack; numb. He’s taken the fight from me, many months of his frequent vicious abuse has taught even my stubbornness that lesson. Fighting back now would only add more bruises, another broken bone for the droid to mend later. It was in these moments I discovered the Force; as he brutalized me I let the numbness slip and let the rage take it’s place. I couldn’t stop it, but I could endure it, and every time it left me a little stronger, a little more determined. He could for now claim my body as his prize, but one day I would be avenged.

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Holocron 02 // Rica Shadowfall

rica2Holocron 02 = Private = Security Encryption = Eyes Only

I watch him as he sleeps; for months he’s slept fitfully, chased by nightmares he wouldn’t discuss. Not tonight, tonight he sleeps peacefully. I doubt it was just the sex that lulled him into this calm. It’s surprising actually that he sleeps so well in my bed when less than 8 hours ago I nearly choked the life from him…
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Holocron 01 // Rica Shadowfall

ricaHolocron 01 = Private = Security Encryption = Eyes Only
I asked them to keep a record, these ‘sisters’ of mine. Conspirators more like. Our undertaking may shape history if we prove successful, and if so, then history should know us through our own words rather than some propaganda or dramatic interpretation. We are real, citizens and servants of The Empire, loyal to our cause, and lest history forget; real, flawed, and shaped by our experiences.

I don’t recall much of my childhood, I’d prefer not to. It was brutal, it taught me much. No surrender, no mercy. The scar that crisscrosses my face is reminder enough of what I endured. I’m told parents find force sensitive children difficult to control, to direct, to force into obedience. That was certainly true of me.
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