AOE Grinding and me

zolaI admit it, I like to kill things. Pixelated things of course. Downtime in games makes me twitchy, I’m not sure why I’m not at all ADD in my real life, but plunk me into a computer game and I can’t stop killing things. So within most games I play a secondary game, one that amuses only me… AOE grinding.

In WoW it was with my frost mage, in Rift it’s my rogue. I rolled my rogue, Zola with the specific intent to kill multiple mobs at once as quickly as humanly possible. I’ve made attempts to do it through most of her levels, but now that she’s 50 and I’ve got some really nice gear it’s a bit easier.

I decided I like the spec I had her at rather than the one I watched initially. I plan on trying the other though.

about halfway through I realized something fairly important. If I have the skill that refunds unused combo points as health, it’s important that I target and spam the less health targets so I’m getting constant healing. It’s also matters that I have some of my blade dancer traits going (the ones adding armor and attack power). Good practice though.

It’s a nice change from the Barding I do most days.