Gamer Girls FTW

Last week I remarked about a female gamer “she’s the kind of girl who in real life calls her ex-boyfriend when her dishwasher breaks, even though they’ve been broken up 7 months and he’s got a new girlfriend.” Now there’s a whole other rant about the guy who probably would try to fix it, but lets talk a minute about gamer girls.

Way back in the day, gamer girls were a bit of an anomaly. When I worked in tech support only 1:8 were women, I’d guess gamers were about the same ratio. In all the years I’ve gamed online (since the mid-90’s) I’ve noticed a few female gamer archetypes:

1) The Attention Whore – in real life she’s a big fan of Mardi Gras, in fake life she flirts, emotes, strips, dances and generally hangs out in town. She’ll fill in alright as a warm body in a group, but don’t expect her to play her character well.

2) The Girlfriend – she’s the girlfriend or wife of a gamer and she’s attached to the hip with him. She’s probably a decent enough player and friendly, but she’s there to be with her man and that’s about it.

3) The Damsel in Distress – she always needs help. Even if you show her what to do, she’ll always need someone’s help doing it. She’s usually got a huge circle of friends (mostly male) who she calls on for help. She’s average in groups, but since she’s never pushed to do anything, her abilities are undeveloped.

4) The Buddy – this is the girl you forget is a girl. She plays like a guy, works to learn her role and play her character well. She’s probably friendly and flirty but she’s not fluffy. She’s the one you want to play with, because you don’t have to babysit.

5) The General – the Hillary Clinton of female gamers. She’s not as interested in her armor matching color as she is the stats. She’ll debate you about spec and the best way to tank a dungeon and you know she’s all business. She’s not just in your group, she’s leading it.

Just my 2 cents.